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“Keith played a key role in our company’s development and our accelerated growth. Keith revised our company’s business plan (including our company strategy, goals, systems, etc.) and marketing plan (including enhancing our company image, logo, promotion material, website, phone system, office, etc.).  In turn, our annual sales increased by 70% within two years; our major partners expanded from four to 12; our major clients expanded from 13 to over 25; and we saved a significant amount of time and money from the increased efficiencies of our various management systems.” – Karim Ismail, Co-Founder, Eighty20 Group Inc. – Creative Agency – Toronto, Ontario

“Keith has proven to be a very valuable asset to our organization. He assisted us with several marketing projects over the past two years and without his help they would not have been successful. Keith has helped us tremendously in optimizing our work environment and creating a professional image and atmosphere.  He also helped us to dramatically increase our corporate sponsorships over previous years.  I highly recommend Keith to any organization.” – Sean Johnson, Marketing Director, University of New Mexico – Athletic Department – Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Keith has helped me to focus on my mission and goals, structure and prioritize my schedule, enhance my image and brand, take advantage of information technology, and build and prioritize my professional relationships. In addition, Keith has held me accountable in the areas that I need it.  All in all, Keith has inspired me to fulfill my career and business goals.” – Cris Tenorio, Owner, TRIGEAR – Triathlon Sports Store – Goodyear, Arizona

“I highly recommend Keith as an executive coach.  He helped me to develop my career and business strategy.  He has helped me stay on track by providing advice, assistance, and encouragement on a regular basis.  As a result, my career and business have really prospered. I look forward to being coached by Keith for many years to come.” – Nir Joels, Owner, Fun Tasty Catering – Scottsdale, Arizona

“Keith helped me to optimize my professional image, build my professional network, and make the most of technology to accomplish my daily tasks.  As a result, I received three job offers within a few months and landed my dream job!” -  Cyndie Johnson, Office Manager, Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Phoenix, Arizona

“Keith contributed greatly in taking our business from infancy to a multi-million dollar business.  He was able to identify and solve problems quickly and effectively.  In addition, he performed well above my expectations on a consistent basis.  I am confident Keith would be a tremendous asset to any fast-growing and aggressive company looking for excellent results.” – Jim Perkins, President, FormGen / Ionos Inc. – Software Publisher Computer Games – Scottsdale, Arizona

“It is because of Keith that I am where I am today with my career.  Over the past decade Keith has guided me, encouraged me, and opened new doors for me. He has taught me a lot about working efficiently, utilizing information technology, and building relationships with others.  Also, he is extremely generous with his time – and he’s a great role model!” – Ben Smith, VP Marketing, Polygon Realty Limited – Vancouver, British Columbia

Keith has always been extremely professional, dependable, and trustworthy. Because of this, I have been able to share my personal and professional goals knowing he keeps everything confidential. Because of Keith’s insights and concern for my unique circumstances, he tailors his guidance and advice such that I have really grown both personally and professionally. I highly recommend his coaching services.” – Valerie Phillips, Public Relations Director, The Salvation Army – Atlanta, Georgia

“Keith is amazing!  He is the most efficient, organized, and professional person I know. He’s also really knowledgeable about the latest technology.  Finally, he is extremely healthy and fit.  Keith has helped me tremendously in all these areas!” – Andrew Ha, Director, Benbrook Aquatics – Dallas, Texas