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My executive coaching services are geared around my “10 Keys to becoming an Optimized Executive” system.  The 10 Keys consist of optimizing your…

1. Mission & Goals – We will determine your mission & goals to ensure you have a clear purpose and focus in life.  In turn, we will refer to your mission & goals when making your life, career, and business decisions.  In addition, we will refer to your mission & goals on a regular basis to determine your progress and schedule.

2. Technology – We will determine the latest hardware, software, websites, and applications that can help you most and that you feel most comfortable with.  In turn, we will utilize them to automate your routine tasks to save you time, money, and effort.

3. Time Management – We will implement a time management system that keeps you in-line with your mission & goals, keeps you balanced in all areas of your life, and yet remains flexible enough to ensure you do not feel too structured.

4. Organization – We will remove the clutter and chaos in your life by organizing your office, home, vehicle, closet, purse, and wallet… whatever it takes! In turn, we will implement a system for managing additional “stuff” in the future.

5. Image, Brand, & Communications
– We will optimize your image, brand, and communications to ensure you are making a good first and lasting impression on everyone you come in contact with.

6. Relationships & Networking
– We will build your relationships with your family, friends, partners, staff, and clients to ensure they continue to support you and provide you with referrals.  In addition, we will build new relationships by optimizing your networking opportunities.

7. Knowledge & Skills – We will ensure you are utilizing the latest technology and resources to stay in tune with current events, learn new relevant information, and increase your knowledge and skills.

8. Health – As with most executives, you have likely been so busy you have neglected your sleep, nutrition, and fitness routine.  Therefore we will restore balance in your life by implementing an optimal sleep, nutrition, and fitness routine for you.  In turn, you will look and feel better and have much more energy to accomplish your goals.

9. Travel – We will ensure you are utilizing optimal technology and strategies for traveling as easily, quickly, and affordably as possible.

10. Finances – We will ensure you are utilizing optimal banks, credit cards, and technology to manage your personal finances.  In turn, we will ensure you are maximizing your income, minimizing your expenses, paying off your debts, and saving towards your goals.

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