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Keith-B&WEver since my childhood in Toronto, Canada, I’ve had a passion for two things: figuring out the optimal way of doing things and helping others. (I remember receiving a video game for Christmas one year and proceeding to read the manual front to back before ever playing the game! Of course, my parents and neighbors loved this trait in me; it came in handy whenever they needed to program the VCR or set up their new computer.)

Later in life I earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing at the University of New Mexico, then went on to achieve a master’s in marketing at the University of Alabama, and to complete my Ph.D. in marketing coursework at Texas Tech University. In addition to my schooling, I’ve spent the last 15-plus years serving as a consultant for numerous executives, companies, and organizations around the world.

Over the years I have continued to learn about resources to share with my clients. I’ve also continued to develop my “10 Keys to Being an Optimized Executive” system to provide my clients with the directions they need to get from where they are to where they want to be.  In turn, my clients have significantly optimized their lives, careers, and businesses.

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Coach Keith
Founder, Optimized Executive